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Everything you need to know about seating tight tyres

Everything you need to know about seating tight tyres

It may come as a surprise to some that seating tyres can be difficult, but they've obviously never tried to seat the tyres you've got. My own personal nemesis is the GP 5000, you've not known suffering until you've tried to seat one of these on a cold winter day.

It's this struggle that let us to the solution, Cycle Pal's Tyre Seating Tool. Whether it's the Compact Version or Original Version, they're life savers and more importantly mood protectors. You don't want your bike ride ruined for yourself or the group you're riding with, and standing for prolonged periods of time by the road side NOT RIDING will definitely impact your happiness.

The two versions suit different purposes, not sure which one to get? Have a look below and choose the one that suits your needs:

When you've picked the Tyre Seating Tool that suits you, the instructions on how to use are straight forward.