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As I struggled to change my flat tire on the side of the road, I couldn't help but curse myself for forgetting my tire levers at home. My hands were shaking from the cold, and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get the tire off. James did have a tire lever, but it snapped as he tried to pry the tire off. In the past, I had even brought a spoon on rides as a makeshift tire lever, but that was just ridiculous.

"What are we going to do now?" James asked, looking worried.

I thought for a moment. "I'll go ask another cyclist on Hardknott Pass if they have a set of levers we can borrow," I said. "It shouldn't take me more than a few minutes."

James nodded, and I set off in search of another rider. After a few minutes, I spotted a lone cyclist in the distance and ran over to him. Thankfully, he had a set of tire levers and was happy to lend them to us.

When I returned with the levers, James and I were finally able to change the flat tire. But the experience stuck with me, and I couldn't shake the idea of my compact, all-in-one cycling tool.

I went straight to my workshop when I got home and began tinkering. I experimented with different designs and materials, and after many long hours of trial and error, I finally hit upon the perfect solution: the Cycle Pal Tyre Seating Tool.

It was a simple, compact tool that made it easy to change a tire on the go. And best of all, it was small enough to fit easily into a saddle bag or pocket.

I was so excited about my invention that I couldn't wait to share it with the world. I trademarked the Cycle Pal Tyre Seating Tool and started a small business out of my third bedroom in the Lake District, selling the tool to cycling enthusiasts everywhere.

The business took off, and before long, I was able to hire a team of employees and move the business into a proper workshop. Today, Cycle Pal is a thriving enterprise, and my unique tool has become a must-have for any serious cyclist.

The Cycle Pal Team.
Marsland Chambers, 1a Marsland Road, Sale Moor, Cheshire, United Kingdom, M33 3HP